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Burnhamthorpe Dentistry is a family owned and operated business, with staff who have decades of clinical experience. Our sense of family extends to our patients and partners. We want you to feel relaxed, comfortable to express your cares and concerns. Building a sense of trust with our clients is a core value of our business. And indeed, we do most of our business through referrals, which tells you how strongly our clients believe in our services and specialists. 

Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to optimize your dental health. Become a part of our family today. Call us at: 905-232-8000

Industry Leading Tech

Only the best for our patients! We’ve partnered with Canada’s top brands and providers to offer an incredible suite of services​​. From Invisalign to advanced whitening to dental implants, we’re prepared to give you the perfect smile. 

Mission Statement

To provide our patients with cutting-edge, comfortable and lasting dental health. 

Our Team

Dr. Vick

Dental Surgeon

University of Toronto DDS 1993
Member of ODA, CDA, AACA

”Some people are artists, technicians or healers…I believe myself to be a bit of each and my skill is in crafting beautiful smiles”

—Dr. Vick

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